Here’s our poster!

Here’s our poster!

Lola’s Prayer has been FedEx’d

Our short version of Lola’s Prayer has been sent to the Expecting Goodness Film Festival for screening this weekend. We are thrilled to be part of this great project.

We got a movie

There came a certain point during our last day of shooting that I realized, WOW, we have something here. During the insanity of shooting, I have learned that everything is about trust; trust your actors, your crew, most importantly- trust yourself and vision.

During the shoot I found myself wanting to fall into some of my visual safety zones. I had planned out a specific flow to it all and it was against everything I usually do. I love a moving camera, I want it to live on a dolly and be free to move. When I planned out the visuals for Lola’s Prayer I told myself that the frames should be static, to only move the camera to adjust frame or follow an actor. I wanted everything to play out in the frame as it is, that is until the end.

It is difficult to stay with the plan. When the stress is high on a set the first instinct is to fall into your safety zone. To scratch the plan and go with what you know works. Problem was that this script didn’t call for that. That only added to my stress because I didn’t know if it would work outside of my head. It was all theory.

After looking at the footage I finally thought “I am stupid for not thinking this would work. The actors are great, it’s all there in front of you.” A great relief to see it.

The only thing left to shoot are 2nd unit scenes. These are basically things like a wide shot of a car driving along the road, empty shots of Lola’s house, things that weren’t a priority during our week that had to be delayed so we could make our schedule work.

I’m thrilled to move on to what I think is the most creative part of the process- the editing. And then will be more thrilled to show the completed film to everyone.

More great production stills from this weekend.

Our first official production still feature lorrie Rivers as Lola and Bill Kealy as Jed.

Our first official production still feature lorrie Rivers as Lola and Bill Kealy as Jed.

Could not resist posting this excerpt from Sunday.

Day two complete! Here are some set photos from our second day of shooting.

On to day two

Another late night of pre-production as we get ready to shoot a scene tomorrow.

Here are some great frame grabs from our shoot yesterday. More to go!